Monday, October 26, 2009

October 25, 2009

Well, all is normal in Spain. I still don't understand anyone, still see naked posters everywhere, and futbol is still a way of life. That is what I'm going to focus on in my "About Spain" section of this letter.

There is no way to explain the obsession these people here have with this game (I must say, I'm starting to develop an interest in). Here are some examples:
1. There should be a rule here about futbol similar to the politics rule. I don't think that a missionary should be able to talk about their favorite team, I could see losing investigators that way.
2.There is a bar below our piso. The first couple days I never saw it open. I thought it had gone under like everything else in Spain, even though it still looked really nice and fancy inside. Turns out it is only open when Barc, Real Madrid, or Spain futbol games are on and when they are this place is packed. We can tell the score of the game just by when they heer or boo.
3. And, probably my favorite example: My comp went into a shop to buy a Spain flag. In the window there was a BFC (Barcelona Futbol Club) flag, he asked the price on both. the Spain=€2.50, the BFC=€16.

So this week was a very successful week. We got about 5 new investigators and set 2 more baptismal dates. I'm a little skeptical on all three dates, but I think all three will get baptized eventually. Zone Conference was awesome. Pres Hinckley is amazing. I love when he is talking and he tells a story about "President Hinckley" never dad... kinda funny but I think it's a sign of respect.

I really like my companion. He is a little lazy, but I think we balance each other out. The truth is one of the most important things is to be happy in your companionship, I think outside of teaching by the spirit that leads to the most success.
Well, love y'all lots!

- Elder Roos

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  1. Thanks Rachel for putting Stephans letters on this blog. We have been trying to find this for some time. We really enjoyed reading his letters today.

    JoAnn and Leonard