Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 23, 2009

So to answer your questions of how i like it and how my companion is.... well the title (Manacora, is there anything better)should give you your answer. The branch here isn't very strong (only about 20 people) but it is growing. I think we could realistically have 4 baptisms this transfer. We made one baptismal date this week (not sure if it counts, it a girl who is about 8 and a half and about half of her family just got activated, so we will have to ask president to see if that counts).  but yeah all of them are family of 2 different members. Elder Natheas is still a stud, I really like him. We are going to change the reputation of this area.

The weather's good because its about 80 today. They said we should bring a
coat but I don't think I'll need one while I'm here.

So yeah, things are really good here, I've really seen my Spanish improve.
I would say I've spoken more Spanish here than i did all 6 weeks in Castellón.

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