Saturday, September 26, 2009

Letters from Madrid

Elder Roos finally got transferred to Madrid. He will be there until about the October 5th before heading to Barcelona. If you would like to write him, he said letters are only taking about 4 or 5 days to get there and his birthday is September 30th.
CCM Elder Roos
Calle del Templo, 2, 4planta
28030 Madrid

September 16, 2009
Well I'm here and lets just say I'm very sad i only get to spend 3 weeks here. first off we are in the same complex as the temple and all the church stuff is right here. So this is the funny part, the Provo Mtc is 2300 missionaries, this is 20, 19 of which came today to if i had been here on time it would had been me and the hermana in my district only at the mtc for a couple days. yeah so my class me myself and hermana. Also our pdays we can go out to Madrid and shop and go see the palace and all the stuff around here. Also instead of teaching members acting as investigators, on Saturdays we get to go to Madrid´s version of central park and contact people. Like i said this place is awesome. O and I tried to talk to the Spaniard sitting next to me on the plane and I'm want my last 2 months money back cause I don't know what they were teaching me but it was not Spanish. I didn't know it was humanly possible to talk that fast. O well its just as easy to tell them that you have a "don" (gift) for them and hand them a pass along card. makes it easier on both parties.
Sorry if my spelling is worse than normal but I still haven't slept yet so my brain is a little bit on the warped mode right now.
Love all of you and hope all is well.
-Elder Roos
September 24, 2009
So I have several things to say. First off I want y'all to do some research for me and see if I have broken a record. Yesterday A new elder got here and was made my companion, that means in the 7 weeks iv been on my mission I have had 6 different companions. 3 in Provo and now 3 here. If i keep up at this pace, i will have just shy of 100 comp for my mission.
#2 I have been trying to think of something that the Provo MTC has over this one and I'm not quite sure. This place is amazing. O and i was made district leader, which is a good thing since there is only 2 in my district and the other is a sister. I will send you a picture of my view every night, I'm not sure if it can be beat.
The park was awesome, but very humbling. First off I can understand a good amount but even when I say the correct words in Spanish they have no idea what I'm saying cause I sound like such a gringo.Talked to several people but not too much luck but its OK. The park itself is huge and beautiful. I send pictures of that too. The other missionaries here are awesome. I love the Spaniards and they are really making a difference in my language.
I love it in Spain. The temple is amazing and the is nothing in America like this city. Think of it this way, a old building in America is 200 yrs old, here, that would still be considered a teenager.

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