Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Little Behind

We got word tonight that Stevie got his visa. He will leave next Tuesday. I'm sorry I have been a slacker lately, here are the last few letters.
September 10, 2009
So another wonderful morning from Provo. I keep checking in the travel office and the same lady keeps telling me know word, but she doesnt even check my name or look anything up.... so we will see.
So cool story. My companion talked to a lady in the Referral Center over the phone a couple days ago and set up another appointment to teach her. So yesterday when he was supposed to teach her he got called down to meet with someone so I took it for him. The lady's name is Nicole and she loves the church and feels something so strong in it, we had her call the missionaries in her area and now she is getting baptized on Oct 24. How cool is that?
Besides that all is well here.
September 8, 2009
Man I wish i was at home so i could go paint Blake Kennedy's driveway blue. I know Im a fair weather fan of BYU but seriously beating OK in a brand new statuim..... thats mention worthy. We were doing a survice activity on saterday night and one of the Janitors phone beeped and he just started to scream. LOL yeah that was funny to see. Do I even wanna know how my UTes did?
Ok now to the stuff im am suppose to betalking about. This week has probably been the toughest yet just because we are finishing up all the grammar and now just hitting Spanish hard. I think yesterday I said only about 40 words in englesh... and you know how much I talk.
Thought of the day... This week I have two. First is to do with the atonement. Jesus took 99% of the pain of our sins while in the garden and on the cross, If we dont do our 1% by smiply repenting and coming unto him, his 99% is in vain. I no i dont want that weight on me.
Point number two. So I made my first long term mission goal this week. It is going to sound out of reach but thats why i wrote it down to constantly motovate myself. In one month while im on my mission, Im going to bring 10 people unto christ through baptism. Knowing that spain you usually get 2 or 3 throughout you entire mission, that seemed crazy to go through my head, but then I thought about alma and ammon. They went to the land of there enemy and baptized thousends, so how hard can 10 in a month be. Anything is possable in the hands on the lord. If i dont get this goal, its only becaus ei didnt have the faith that the lord would lead my to those people.
September 3, 2009
Good morning,
Its another beautiful day in Provo..... NOt too much to talk about today. Lets see I talked online to a man for 2 hrs last night and he kept getting real close to somthing good then would take 2 steps back... o well. Outside of that all is well. I saw Matt Winteron the other day. I guess she is teaching here.
O and ull like this, The new district in my zone has a female teacher from Alpharette Ga. She went to the Ny Ny mission. Any guesses... yeah im sure she was thrilled to see me. HAHA
O so my funny story even gets to translate (My way of forcing him to atleast read the email)
So I was teaching the first lesson in spainish and i got to the atonment
"Jesucristo muerté en el cruz por nuestros pescados" Well at that point the missionary I was teaching started cracking up... and i havent lived it down yet.
September 1, 2009
Still in good old Provo Utah.... i mean why would anynone wanna leave the good old utah valley for Spain..... I mean y see some of the worlds oldest buildings when i can have a wonderfull view of utah lake and all the utah buildings that look the same.
Things are good here. I like my two new companions but its just a lil difficult to get put in to a companionship when thy have already had several weeks to get theere own thing down. Its fine a Tricycle can be as fun as a bike right?
So spiritual tought of the email. Somthing that really hit me this week. Sins we dont concider sins (this more applys to missionaries but i think it can be applied in all lifes)
1)Frustration- Yuo dont usually think of this as a sin but if I really find this as satans most powerful tool in all his arson, cause he can hit everyone with it and they dont even know it is of him. When I get frustrated, every second i spend i that state is a second that i am ont doing him work and not letting the holy ghost use me a tool for the lords work
2)Self Pitty- Nothing good come of this,expecally for me... the next two years are not about me... one bit. Thats why they limit contact with outside world, its not to take away destractions, its cause right now im not stephen roos, Im elder roos> Stephen works fro the navy and is a flirt. Elder Roos is a servant of god and that is the only thing he does.
3) Contention- Contention is of the devil. If you cant love the fellow man, God's own children, then you have no business teaching them. It drives out the spirit and nothing good comes of it. It is you telling the lord that your own personally priorities are more important than his.

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