Sunday, January 17, 2010

PICTURES!!! (Finally)

This week we received a package from Elder Roos which included two camera cards full of photos. Here are a few of our favorites.

At the Provo MTC with his friend Ty
With the other Elders in his class at the Provo Temple

All the Elders in the MTC who had matchiing ties.
All the missionaries in the Madrid MTC singing in the park.
The Madrid Post Office (not kidding).
In front of the Madrid Temple
The Madrid Temple

At the train station in Madrid Leaving for Barcelona

View of Barcelona from a castle overlooking the city.

With the Hinckleys and the others who arrived in the mission with him
View of Manacor from his apartment window
Members of the Branch (congregation) at the Branch Christmas Party.
With his companion, Elder Naseath
With Cati at her Baptism!

A view of Manacor
With members of the Branch at a Branch activity
A Cathedral in Manacor

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