Monday, December 14, 2009

A Few Editor's Notes

Elder Roos has started making a voice recording each week off his camera. I am having a few technical difficulties but I will start posting those as soon as I figure it out.

We are still waiting on pictures. He sent a few in an email a few weeks ago, but the way they were attached locked them against being downloaded.

If there are ever things in the letters you don't understand, just leave a comment and I will try to explain.

Although Elder Roos has access to email once a week, snail mail really is better. He is only allowed to email immediate family and he only has an hour a week to read all the emails and to write us. That really isn't much time. Additionally, he can't print it and his email has limited space so he can't keep your letters. Trust me, missionaries love receiving letters in the mail, it can make their entire day (international postage is 98 cents). If you just have a short message, you can make a comment on this blog and we will include it in one of our letters that week.

Thanks for all your support and prayers! We know he appreciates it!

-The Roos Family

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