Monday, September 6, 2010

New Companion

So because we are having a conference with a couple GA´s tomorrow, we have P-day today and transfers Wednesday.
Well, I have a new companion. It was funny the look on his face when President jokingly called me SGT Roos. But I figured I've said too much crap about my trainer to be a bad one, so I have to be good. He is pretty cool, he is from Park City and check this out, He was a pro Jazz Singer, funny right. Yeah, I guess he sang at several of the really pijo (fancy) restaurants in Park city and got paid a couple hundred a night.
So, tomorrow will be my last day with Elder Lindsey. I'll miss that kid. He drove me nuts at times but he will def go down as one of my favorite comps, I mean what more do I want? I baptized 3 people with him.
So, funny miracle story:
Yesterday we were sitting in gospel principles (Sunday school) and one of the members opened the door and told us there was a family standing in the entrance. So we went and talked to them and took the kids to the primary classes then the parents came to our class. After we talked to them we found out he talked to the missionaries 10 years ago and wanted his children to have a spiritual knowledge so they searched out the church. We didn't set a baptismal date with them. They are getting married in Oct and said right after then they would like to be baptized. I love the way the lord works.
We do also have another baptism planned for the 23rd of Sept. Its a little shaky, he didn't come to church yesterday but we will see what happens. So yeah thanks for all you prayers and I think we can all tell they are working. Well I love y'all, looking forward to hearing from you next week. I think today we are going to take a tour of Camp Nou (the FCB stadium)
well love y'all
Elder Roos

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