Monday, August 30, 2010

A Very Happy Missionary

So it's official, Terrassa ward has 3 new members, 2 being converts (an eight year old boy whose family are members was also baptized). It was amazing to see the change in Julio in only a month or so. He really has surprised us, I might just say he is more solid than his wife, not that she isn't solid, but he has jumped in head first. At the baptism he went up to bear his testimony and it was amazing. He said how he has years and years away from God and for the first time in his life he felt like he doesn't have a cargo on his shoulders. I have learned that I love the testimony and prayers of investigators and recent converts 10 times more than members. They are so sincere and unrehearsed, you can tell without a doubt that it is from his heart. It made me laugh when he was done he was like "Thank you all, thank you all very much," then went to walk off, then ran back up and said amen. LOL

So Rach and Evan might be able to relate with me about the one problem with baptisms.... at least in my case it seems to always leave me without investigators. We have one right now, an 18 yr old girl named Kerly. She is doing everything we ask and the Young Women are doing an awesome job of showing her love, but she is just a little low on faith. Hopefully we could see a baptism with her in the next couple weeks, but still pray for new investigators; it worked last time.

So this week we had 2 pancake eating citas. One with a 1/2 American family and the other with a guy who has an American wife (also is probably going to be our next bishop, we should find that out next week).

I got a interesting phone call last night. It was a mission number but not one on our records, I picked up and heard, "Hello Elder Roos, it's President Hinckley"... and yeah I had a feeling I knew what he was going to say.... I get my new companion a couple days early. Elder Lindsey and I get to be in the office Wednesday morning to get trainer training. I'm just glad I answered the phone well and wasn't like, "Hey who is this?" LOL

Elder Lindsey is doing well. We have been working together fighting against trunkiness. I think it will be good that his last 4 days he will have a greenie watching his every move.
Elder Roos

Everyone who was baptized that day and those who baptized them.
An eight-year-old from the ward baptized by his Grandfather, Elder Lindsey baptized Rosa, Julio was baptized by Stevie, and a gentleman baptized in another ward by a missionary whose name I don't know.

Stevie and Elder Lindsay with Julio, Rosa, and their daughter.

Three very happy missionaries after the baptisms.

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