Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Great Week in Terrassa!

So if you remember correctly Rosa and Julio where the ones who were going to be baptized at the beginning of July but we lost contact with them. well you'll like the story.
Well, last Thursday we got a call from a man who had moved here from Australia (originally from Argentina) and wanted us to come visit him and help him figure out a way he can come to church. Just so happen that he and his family live in the same pueblo as Rosa and Julio. So we set up a Noche De Hogar for Wednesday and me and my companion asked a member who helped us with Rosa and Julio to drive us out there and if we could just drop by their house just to see if we could find them.
Well we did and they were there. This is where is gets good. As we were talking she was telling us how she kept thinking about us and the church and how she really needed to come back, she even told us that last Thursday (same day the new member called us)she couldn't stop thinking about the church.... God works in wonderful ways,. We taught an awesome lesson out of 1Nephi 8 (tree of life, thank you Rach for the silver Parker pen because I used it as the iron rod) Now we are going to baptize them both on the 28th.
Yeah the only problem that came up is they don't have a car, nor the two member family who live up there and the first bus doesn't come until well after church starts. So Sunday we went up with the bishop and his family to do a sacrament meeting with all them up there. This is how amazing our bishop is (remember what he has been through the last month, and without a job). So he is going to leave an hour earlier then he normally does, go up there to pick up the 8 people in his nine person van and drive them to church and put his kids on a train.... amazing right? Yeah, I hope my mansion in heaven is in the same neighborhood as his.
It's been a really good week. We had a good zone conference yesterday (meeting with the missionaries in the surrounding area). Thanks for prayers, they get answered don't they?
Elder Roos

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