Monday, August 23, 2010

So i don't know what you're saying in your prayers over there, but keep it up. Rosa and Julio are doing AMAZING. So you'll like this. We were a little nervous about teaching them both tithing and the Word of Wisdom. About a year ago, Julio lost his licence for a DUI but when we taught the WOW, he was excited about it. I was amazed how easily they accepted it. I'm almost wondering if this DUI was preparatory to his stopping drinking so he could be prepared when we got there. When we were finishing teaching tithing, Elder Lindsey asked Julio if he thought this was a law from God, and Julio surprisingly told us no... then a couple seconds later he said... "It's a right." I thought that was a pretty good answer. Also, he asked me to baptize him... so I'm a little nervous to do it. Rosa was sick yesterday but we will see who she wants to baptize her.

The rest of the week..... Wednesday we had a office couple (a husband/wife set of missionaries who help run the clerical side of things) come check our piso, so i went into military mode last week, they said it was the cleanest one in the mission, even better than the hermanas. Wednesday and Thursday we picked up 3 new investigators. One has some potential, but it might take a while, we are starting with finding faith.... fun!!! Saturday we visited Rosa and Julio, so I'm gonna restate how awesome they are. We had a good Sunday, 4 investigators in church, good day, and we might have had the best numbers in the zone for the week, not like it's a competition... but if it was we would have won. LOL
Well, I love y'all. Hope all is going well.

Chapter of the week, 2 Nephi 31, Gospel of Christ
Well I love you all,
Elder Roos

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