Monday, August 9, 2010

Two More Baptisms!

Omar and his eight-year-old son were baptized! Here is what Stevie had to say about it:

Well, just like Juana and her daughters (Augustine's family), I had doubts that this day would ever come, but it did. It was awesome. I was happy that the ward made a good appearance. I would say there were about 50 people there. Also, there were several of their friends so hopefully they could feel the spirit and have a little more interest in the church.... so we will see...

So yeah, we are still super dry on investigators (people to teach), we did some good searching on Thursday, but then Friday and Saturday my companion got sick so we didn't get the chance to capitalize on it. The companion is dong alright. I have to tell you I hate killing Elders (being the last companion before an Elder returns home). Its like he is in a moral fight between when he know he needs to do and what he feels like he can justify dong only cause he has 4 weeks left, I can give you the days if you want them, he keeps reminding me. So, yeah, I have to fight not only to keep myself motivated, while trying to motivate him without him getting offensive about it. He is pretty good he just kinda took a downward turn this last week and a half.

We are seeing a good amount of success with one less active family we have (the one the Assistant to the President insulted). We got the entire family to church yesterday, that brought a big smile to my face. It's pretty much because the sixteen-year-old she broke up with her bad news bf so her mom told her church would make her feel better.

The bishop and his family seem to be doing really well (The Bishop's wife lost her battle with cancer a few weeks ago). We caught a ride with his from his pueblo back to Terrassa last week and I got to have a good talk with him. He is a awesome guy.

The year mark went well, we didn't really do all that much cause E. Lindsey got sick, so I bought me some cookies and a soda and celebrated like that. LOL, oh the exciting life of a missionary. So pray that we find some investigators, and more importantly that they are really interested.

Elder Roos
Omar, his eight year old son, and his older son who performed the baptisms.
Elder Lindsay and Stevie with Omar and his sons.
Stevie with Omar and his family and friends.

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