Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, Stephen lost his camera (I know you are all shocked!), so we are no longer receiving audios. Hopefully I'll be better at posting again.

Just a quick update - Stevie is no longer in Manacoor, he is now in Terrassa, a suburb of Barcelona. They have had a tough couple of weeks but it looks like things are looking up - Here is his latest letter:

So yeah, much better week than last week. It wasn't perfect, we are still low on investigators (people to teach) and lessons, but saw some awesome success with Omar (a man they have been teaching for a few months) and others.

Okay, so funny story first. There is an OLDER LADY in our ward. Very strong testimony and very good member, but is kinda losing her mind a little. So, she is really good about sharing the gospel with everyone, especially the Muslim lady at the fruit store she goes too. A couple weeks ago she asked us for a Book of Mormon to give her, so of course we took one over to the member. Well, Friday we went to visit her and she wass like, "You know my friend,I took back the Book of Mormon. I told her if she wasn't gonna read it then I'm taking it away. She didn't believe me so i took it from her right there." I guess we need to count our blessings that we cant teach her anyways. LOL

Saturday we had the most spiritual cita I have had my entire mission with Omar. His son, the older one, not the soccer player had just got back from EFY (a week long conference for youth in the church) so he was on a spiritual high. We decided to have a testimony session right there. It was amazing. Omar gave an amazing testimony how he knows all of this is true because sometihng that wasn't of God couldn't make him feel this good. It was amazing. We announced his baptism at church and he got even more excited about it. The ward is giving him really good support. We are also going to baptize his 8 yr old son, so come Saturday the entire family will be members.

Yesterday our church service was all the youth talking about EFY. They really did come back 100 times stronger. I loved how one woman went up and bore her testimony telling them if they like this feeling, to serve a mission. it was an amazing meeting.

So yeah, that's about it. I hit a year thursday, also Omar has his interview that day so it could be a day to celebrate. Keep him in your prayers.

love elder roos

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